Great Kingdom, The

The Great Kingdom used to be much greater. Its lands spanned the entire eastern Demesnes and the capital of Rauxes was rich with treasures and marvels brought from all corners of the kingdom. Its rulers became despotic and the culture decadent, and in the space of less than 50 years from 1715 YG it splintered into ten separate nations through revolutions and wars on three separate fronts.

The Great Kingdom now is scarcely worthy of the name, though it remains the largest country in the Demesnes. Its troops are currently concentrating on the southern front, trying to make small advances and hold on to ground gained in the South Province, Sunndi and Medegia. The South Province is strong and the latter two nations are allied together and the Great Kingdom armies are having a hard time of it opposing them. The Kingdom is still rich, and its tentacles stretch a long way across the Demesnes; one can run into a Great Kingdom plot anywhere. But the king and the capital are still decadent and over-reaching, ensuring most of their plans fail.

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