The Scarlet Brotherhood
Ruler: His Peerless Serenity, the Father of Obedience, Korenth Zan
Capital: Unknown (see below)
Population: 40,000+
Races: Suel
Demi-humans: Doubtful
Humanoids: Highly probable
Resources: rare woods, spices, gold, all kinds of gems

Accurate information concerning the Scarlet Brotherhood is notoriously hard to locate, because of its paranoid secrecy and the unreliability of those sources who lay claim to knowledge of it. However, what is known with some certainty is as follows.
For at least several generations, a Suel order of monastic militarists has dwelt in the closed city of Kro Terlep and the remote plateau south of it. During this time, the religion and precepts of the Brotherhood formed. The order is one of Suel racism which seeks to subjugate all of the Flanaess to the rule of the Suloise (despite its widespread use of humanoid troops), and which embraces evil as the only hope of achieving this end. Members of the Brotherhood are referred to, unsurprisingly, as Brothers, with seniors in the rigid hierarchy being referred to as Elder Brother.
The Brotherhood appears to have three distinct echelons. At the bottom are thieves, mostly of chaotic evil alignment. Their leader is known by the unique title of Elder Cousin. Intermediate are the assassins, who are warriors, thieves with special skills relevant to silent slaying, and rare mages and thief-mages. Most of the assassins are believed to be neutral evil. Heading the organization are self-styled monks who live in cloisters and lead rigidly ascetic lives. Most are lawful evil in alignment and include a few warriors, some mages, and a handful of priests. These priests remain extremely secretive about their religion, which is not exported to the new dominions the Brotherhood holds. One terrible name has been mentioned in this context: Tharizdun.
During the wars, the Brotherhood emerged as major winners, gaining control of the southern waters. Its thieves made excellent spies and its assassins brought whole nations to their knees. The scarlet-clad monks who followed to administer the new satellite states had the way paved for them by ruthless cunning and ingenuity.
Although the Scarlet Brotherhood's ultimate goal is known, only guesses can be made concerning much of its activities. The Brotherhood has made extensive forays into Hepmonaland and the Amedio Jungle, both home to "degenerate" Suel people. It has seemed extraordinarily easy for the Brotherhood to recruit veritable armies of the jungle dwellers to aid their campaigns and keep order in invaded states. Hepmonaland is very rich in resources, including rare woods, spices, ivory, gems, and platinum, and this has swollen the Brotherhood's coffers considerably.
The Brotherhood is also rumored to have extensive breeding programs, both for people and monsters. The monster-breeding is said to be concentrated in endless underground catacombs below a great and splendid secret-shrouded plateau. Exactly what the Brotherhood is creating there is unknown, although rumors circulate of freak, fire-resistant, red-skinned trolls in the hills beyond Irongate, heading from Idee (controlled by the Brotherhood); acid- squirting otyughs in the Vast Swamp; and great spiders with lemur-like arms in the trees of the Dreadwood. Many fear that the Hool Marshes may be infested with other specialized monsters, so that the Brotherhood may have designs on the Yeomanry. The folk of Sunndi keep vigilant watch for mutants and fell things in the Vast Swamp.
So far as the human breeding program is concerned, the Father of Obedience sanctions all marriages within the Brotherhood and orders the slaying of infants born outside approved pairings. Brothers and Sisters of the order are often instructed to mate in order to test how certain pairings produce offspring. Disappearances of people with Suel blood from the old Iron League nations suggest that the Brotherhood is eager to expand its programs.
The most hideous rumors concern the attempted interbreeding of monsters with captured humans and demihumans. No firm evidence exists of such abominations, but the rumors are persistent.
Finally, the number of agents the Brotherhood has still in foreign lands is unknown.