South Province
The South Province broke away from the Great Kingdom in 1764 YG, the last portion of the Kingdom to be lost. The rulers immediately took a much firmer rein on the province's armies, providing effective defence against the weak attempts by the Great Kingdom to recapture the land, as well as allowing more effective attacks against the more southerly former provinces of Irongate, Idee, and Sunndi. The South Province remains surrounded by enemies, but its armies are strong, driven by relentless leadership.

This forest is heavily spied, patrolled and defended by elven bowmen and rangers, who watch for spies from Idee and the Iron League. Aided by spellcasters, the elves favor illusionary camourflage and terrain- changing magic if faced with any incursions.

Most correctly, the Glorioles would be termed mountains. During the war, the Great Kingdom and South Province controlled this area. The forces of Sunndi now lay claim to all these hills, and with a population of some 10,000 dwarves and mountain dwarves in the Glorioles alone, no one is disputing this by force of arms.

Since Sunndi's brief conquest by the Great Kingdom during the Wars, and the Scarlet Brotherhood's swift conquest of much of the Iron League, the dwarves have been more ready to ally with the humans and elves of Sunndi and work closely with them. Further, the town of Dullstrand, once part of Aerdy, always looked to Sunndi in a friendly way. Perhaps half of its original population of 5,500 has fled into the Hestmarks, fearful of the Lords of the Isles and the tales of maddness and slaughter within the anarchic Aerdy states to the north. They are being trained by dwarves, who are exceptional veteran troops after decades of skirmishing with Medegian and South Province troops which culminated in Sunndi's invasion.