Welcome to the WORLD OF GREYHAWK.

The Flanaess has seen great treacheries and greater wars. In 582CY, a widespread conflict called the Greyhawk

Wars damaged the fabric of life here, perhaps irreparably; the treaty which was supposed to have ended the

wars has been broken again and again, and borders everywhere are in turmoil. The corrupt and decayed

Great Kingdom has finally fallen, but new realms have arisen to take its place - each with the potential to be even

more evil than its predecessor. A horrifying demigod has been freed from captivity; despite the loss of many of his

fiendish troops, his expanded empire threatens the heart of the Flanaess. A mysterious brotherhood has reached

out from its southern stronghold to begin a conquest of certain countries - a conquest that may not end until the

Flanaess itself is destroyed. Armies of humanoids - brutish creatures with both human and bestial features - march

across the land: Though some have been repelled, still there are lost lands to be won. Giants and creatures drawn

from alien planes lay waste to civilization. Barbarians, assassins and monsters run rampant. This game is variant

of Castle Risk set in the fantasy setting of Greyhawk. Gameplay takes place during the great Greyhawk Wars

and centers around the battles for the Great Kingdom.