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The Nomads Of The Time Streams FAQ
Version 1.3, 15 November 1998

This is the FAQ for The Nomads of the Time Streams: the Internatioal Michael Moorcock fan society, and contains answers to the following questions:

1. What is/Who are The Nomads of the Time Streams?
2. Why would I want to join?
3. How do I join?

1. What is/Who are The Nomads of the Time Streams?

The Nomads of the Time Streams (Nomads for short) are a group of over 1250 fans devoted to the writings and music of Michael Moorcock. Founded in 1988, the Nomads are currently based in England.

2. Why would I want to join?

Membership among the Nomads offers several rewards:

a. _The Time Centre Times_ (TCT for short): a 32-60 page quarterly newsletter that features regular columns from the editors, a letter from Moorcock (detailing the current exploits, travels of him and his wife, fun at conventions/book signings, etc.), current/forthcoming news about MM derived/ related groups (info on MM appearances/signings, book releases, role playing game releases, info on Hawkwind, etc.), artwork (reproductions and original) drawn from MM works, original MM stories (both rare reprints and material that sees first publication in the TCT), members' classifieds (free), and various articles about MM.

b. Special Offers only available to Nomads: Include discounts on the purchase of the White Wolf/Millenniun/Phoenix House editions of MM books (for example, the WW Eternal Champion books cost $22.99 for h/c but Nomads can get them for $17.60 (surface postage paid); similar discounts exist for the Millennium EC editions as well). Note that if you buy four h/c books at discount, your membership pays for itself....

In addition to the discounts on books, other offers exist:

- Nomads are the exclusive distributors of recordings of Michael Moorcock's "Elric: Live at the BBC" readings from April 1994 (1 cassette available for $6/3 BPS surface postage paid)

- Griffin Music has reissued MM's _The New Worlds Fair_ 1975 album on cd with two bonus tracks (the previously unreleased musical demo of "Candy Floss Cowboy" and "The Brothel in Rosenstrasse"), available to Nomads for $22.50/20 BPS (retails at $29.95)

- Signed first editions, discounts on limited editions, very limited special offers, etc. are available from time to time as well

- Nomads also offers photocopies of long out of print MM material to members at cost (including such items as Burroughsiana and other magazines MM edited/wrote for in the late 1950s and early 60s).

In addition to these various monetary discounts, when MM makes convention appearances, he regularly holds meetings and signings open only to Nomads, during which he also answers questions, talks about his current writing projects, and otherwise socializes with the members in attendance.

3. How do I join?

Two different levels of membership exist in the Nomads of the Time Streams, yearly and eternal.

Yearly memberships last for four issues of the TCT (if delays occur in production your membership may last for longer than a year) and cost $20 in the USA, 10 BPS in the UK, and 15 BPS for the rest of the world (non-USA, non-UK).

Eternal memberships last the member's lifetime. We have, at last count, 21 Eternal members (including Michael and Linda Moorcock, Ken St. Andre (author of Chaosium's _Elric_), Kirk Hammmett (guitarist for Metallica), and Edgar Winter (leader of the Edgar Winter band), among others.

For details on cost, visit, official home of The Nomads of the Time Streams.

For more information, other questions, correspondence, etc. write to:

John and Maureen Davey
21, Honor Oak Road
SE23 3SH
England, UK

24 hour fax machine: +44 0181 291 9564

or email to Allan T. Grohe Jr. (

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