Ethan Scott Grohe's First Photos!

28 November 2004

We've added two recent videos to the page.  Both are in .avi format, and should be playable with Windows Media Player---in theory you should be able to use Real Player, but it requires a plug-in and I'm apparently not cool enough to be allowed to have it, so you're probably not either ;-)

Both files are relatively large (28.5 Mb and 13.7 Mb respectively), so they'll take a few minutes to download on a DSL- or cable-modem connection. 

Heather's also working on a third album, which should be finished sometime in December. 

10 July 2004

Heather created a second album for Ethan.  This one's from the end of June, but I figured today was as great day to post it, since it's his three month birthday :D  As with the album below, the password on this one is "esg" (sans quotation marks).

31 May 2004

Heather has created a very cool Baby Ethan photo album.  Click on the link, and you can see the images by entering the password "esg" without quotation marks. 

9 February 2004

Heather created a Preggo Photo Album.  To view this, you'll need to use the password of "belly"---check it out!

28 January 2004

Our visits to Doctor Wong have become sedately routine, though we're now at the point that we'll begin to visit twice a month for checkups. 

Baby Grohe still doesn't have a name (you can vote in our Baby Name Poll if you'd like to, and read the comments folks have left about the names), and he's up to about 15" long and 3-4 pounds.  We can feel him move around a lot now, and even see his Alien-like squirmings sometimes! :D

17 December 2003

From Heather:

We had our 24-week appt this morn and everything's right on track.  Heard baby boy's heartbeat loud and strong, measuring right, weighing right, and feeling good - so thankful!

I'm getting more strangers who comment on my belly now, so I think we're past that - "is she just frumpy?" stage and will have a bit of a preggo belly to show off when we fly out Saturday!  So looking forward to the visit and Christmas!

11 November 2003

Heather and I learned today that we are having a SON!

Our ultrasound assessment during our Friday 14 November appointment revealed that all's well, and that baby Grohe is happy and healthy! :D

ultrasound3a-2003-11-11-web.gif (272,226 bytes)


ultrasound3b-2003-11-11-web.gif (219,822 bytes)

21 October 2003

Heather and Allan listened to baby Grohe's heartbeat at our 16-week appointment with Dr. Wong.  Allan, the semi-willing videographer, captured the visit on video!

Heather, however, isn't too keen on how she looks on the examination bench---due to the angle of the video, she said something about looking like Jabba the Hutt with his many chins.  I personally thinks she's a bit off-base with the comparison, but you decide:

  • Heather on the Table (co-starring baby Grohe and Dr. Ann Wong, narrated by Allan; musical effects and video editing by Ed Cho and Jonathan El-Bizri) - High Resolution or Lower Resolution versions are available; both are in Real Player format, so if you don't have their free version to view the files, download it; if you have problems opening the file by clicking on the link, try to open it by using File/Open and entering this URL:
  • Jabba on the Dais - in Quick Time and AVI formats

23 September 2003

Heather and Allan had a second ultrasound today, as part of our 12-week appointment.   We had been scheduled just to listen to Tadpole Grohe's heartbeat, but hadn't been able to hear it due to positioning.  So, we got a second ultrasound out of the deal (which we wouldn't normally have until 19 weeks!).

We shouldn't have any problems hearing the baby's heartbeat on our next appointment, since he/she will be much larger!  Heather has been doing really well, with no morning sickness at all (apparently par for the course for Grohe and Schunk children), and has been bursting at the seams to tell everyone! :D

Vital Stats

  • Age:  11 weeks 6 days
  • Length:  5.4 cm
  • We saw a strong healthy heartbeat again, and all's well!
  • As of 24 September, we are officially in the second trimester (wow, that was fast!)

Tadpole Grohe still waving :D (ultrasound2-2003-09-23-web.gif 276817 bytes)

26 August 2003

Heather and Allan met with Dr. Ann Wong to have our first ultrasound today!

Vital Stats

  • Age:  7 weeks 5 days
  • Length:  1.3 cm
  • Head appears near the plus sign, lower body at the minus sign (lower and to the right)
  • Dr. Wong said the baby looks great---happy, healthy, heart pumping a mile-a-minute, and moving around too---if you look closely you can see s/he waving! =)

Tadpole Grohe waves hello! (ultrasound1-2003-08-26-web.gif 288883 bytes)


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