The Secret Archives of Robert J. Kuntz 

I've had the pleasure to call Rob Kuntz a friend since 1987.  This portion of my Greyhawk site is devoted to his Greyhawk works, published and unpublished.  


  • Birthday:  23 September 1955
  • Residence:  Wisconsin, USA


Rob has written A Partial, Annotated Bibliography of the Works of Robert J. Kuntz, which details his major Greyhawk works, published and unpublished.  

In addition, Rob has written the following articles:

  • "The 3 Artifacts of the DemonSenders" Wargaming #2 (1977)
  • various Troll articles
  • various Greytalk posts
  • various RPGA tournaments:
  • various Oerth Journal articles in his series "Tales from the Green Dragon Inn":
    • Robliar Remembers Erac's Cousin (Oerth Journal 5, written with Douglas J. Behringer)
    • Journey to the City of the Gods (Oerth Journal 6)
    •  Lord Robliar and Company (Oerth Journal 7, written with Douglas J. Behringer)


see REM's Greyhawk Index too




Wargaming 1 and 2

Wargaming Magazine Issue #2 (1978)
The 3 Artifacts of the Demon Senders
Robert J. Kuntz
pgs. 61-63


Preview of TROLL magazine #1 (ships in November, December 1997 cover
An article with some source material and game ideas for the FORGOTTEN
REALMS villainous group, the Cult of the Dragon. This is an official
preview of the upcoming TSR/WOTC product, written by Dale Donovan. 

Two articles by Gary Gygax. 

An adventure by Rob Kuntz, one of the early creators on GREYHAWK, set in
his original fantasy world, but easy to adapt to any RPG system.

Original short fiction by Ed Greenwood and James Lowder. 

An interview with R.A. Salvatore, where he discusses his new DEL REY
series, his break from & return to TSR, and his new Drizzt novel.

Articles and reviews by Steve Winter, slade, and other gaming industry


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