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grodog's Favorite Greyhawk Links

These are the best Greyhawk-related web sites that I have found on the internet.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Essential Greyhawk Web Resources

Key Greyhawk Web Resources

  • Living Greyhawk Divine Order (a sortable listing of deities) can be downloaded as a zipped Adobe Acrobat 5.0 .pdf file
  • Jazon Zavoda's Index Grehyawkiana, a comprehensive index listing of the people, places, and things of Greyhawk (last updated August 2003, but still infinitely useful)



  • Living Greyhawk Journal - an independent RPGA publication for five stand-alone issue, LGJ then became a section within Dragon Magazine (from December 2001 with Dragon issue 290 through April 2003 with Dragon issue 306), and was then published as a part of Dungeon/Polyhedron (beginning in May 2003 with Dungeon issue 98 through Dungeon issue #)
  • The Oerth Journal - a free, online fanzine produced by and for the fans! 15 June 2017: Main site is down due to changes in Dropbox's free file linking; download files from the Internet Archive in the meanwhile.
    • Erik Mona's History of the Council of Greyhawk (including historical information about the founding of the OJ, the Council of Greyhawk, etc.; via the now-ubiquitous Internet Archive...)

Mailing Lists and Discussion Forums

  • The Greyhawk Other Worlds forum at Wizards of the Coast was borgified with many other setting fora into the Other Published Worlds forum


Professional Maps

  • Darlene Pekul's maps from the 1980 Greyhawk Folio remain the defacto standard for all Greyhawk maps. Buy a copy on eBay and laminate them. You'll never regret it.

Fan Maps

Web sites with Greyhawk cartography seems to come and go with much more frequency than it's possible to keep up with.  At any given time, the following links are the most likely to be out of date on this page.

PC and Online Gaming

  • Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil - a faithful 3.5 edition version of Gygax and Mentzer's 1985 classic dungeon!
  • Neverwinter Nights Greyhawk Adventures - the hub for Greyhawk NWN development
  • Thief - while technically not a Greyhawk game, the atmosphere, backstabbing, and intricate plot-weavings of Looking Glass Studios' and Ion Storm's wonderful PC games are, for me, quintessential Greyhawk City fodder (sans the Murlynd-inspired artifacts of the Mechanists, of course...)
    • Eidos' Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold, and Thief II: The Metal Age established the line...
    • ...and Thief: Deadly Shadows (aka, Thief 3), continued it
    • Primary Discussion Forum
    • Official sites


Publishers, you say? Is Greyhawk actually supported?? Well, yes! Check out the following publishers for official and unoffiical Greyhawk products (publishers without hyperlinked names are not actively publishing Greyhawk-related content any longer, although their products listed blow are still in print):

Social Media

Greyhawk has a robust presence in social media circles, which I'll slowly expand here over time.

Wikipedia and Other Greyhawk Wikis

Unless otherwise noted, the links listed are to Wikipedia (and, as such, take them with a grain of salet unless otherwise indicated).

WotC and TSR links


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