S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth - Tsojconth Encounters Comparison

This page details the encounters in the 1976 Tsojconth tourney version of the module with those published in S4 in 1982.

Note that the Tsojconth scenario did not include any wilderness encounters---they were all added after the 1976 tourney was published. The Encounter Numbers and Titles are drawn from S4, since they're more colorful than those from the original tourney (in which most of the rooms were not titled at all).

The maps for the dungeon levels are very similar in both editions; in cases where encounters do not exist in the Tsojconth module, the encounter area is not keyed on the map, and is presumed empty.

The Lesser Caverns

Encounter Number S4 Tsojcanth Tsojconth Notes
A. RIVER ENTRY POINT --- --- Encounter 2 in Tsojconth, which has no mention of the chimney in S4.
1. ENTRY CAVERNS --- --- Same encounter, although secondary gems are only worth 10 gp in Tsojconth.
2. STREAKED CAVE 20 stirges 20 stirges Stirge stats differ, but essentially the same encounter (B in Tsojconth).
3. SLATE CHAMBERS 1 clay golem with misc. normal weapons and a dagger +2 longtooth. 4 blink dogs Blink dogs will attack unless PCs communicate about Displacer Beasts, in which case they ally and lead the PCs to attack them.
4. GUANO-COVERED CAVE 8 mobats with 10-100 of each coin type, 2-12 gems, 1-4 jewelry (on ledge) 1 flesh golem, with tattoo map on its back that leads to the magic boat Ledge doesn't exist in Tsojconth
5. LITTERED CAVE 1 lurker above with 102sp, 167 pp in one sack, 281 gp in second, and 5 gems embedded in lurker's back (no value given). 1 lurker above with 100 sp, 50 pp, 1300 gp in sacks at minotaur skeleton, and lurker has 4 500gp gems stuck to its back. Tsojconth encounter E, which also features a pit outside the cave (no depth indicated).
6. GROTTO 7 pech N/A Not present in Tsojconth, including no stairs, and no sealed cavern above.
7. FUNGI CAVERN 5 giant cave crickets N/A Not present in Tsojconth
8. SECOND FUNGI CAVERN 6 green slime blobs guard elf corpse with sword, dagger, bracers of defense AC5, 600 gp necklace with gem, 13 50 gp gems 4 green slime pieces guard elf corpse with 1200 gp bracelet, and 3 gems (500 gp, 1000 gp, 2000 gp) Basically the same encounter, letter F in Tsojconth.
9. STINKING CAVE 4 trolls with 20-80 each coin type, 1d4 gems, 1 jewelry, 1 potion healing, 1 potion vitality, quiver with 2 broken, 3 normal, 4 arrows +1. 2 displacer beasts with 360 pp, 1100 gp, 1 potion poison (always found first), 1 potion extra healing. Treasures differ significantly; this is Tsojconth encounter C.
10. FUNGI-FILLED CORRIDOR 1000 normal bats N/A Not present in Tsojconth.
11. LONG GALLERY 16 cave morays N/A Not present in Tsojconth.
12. LARGE CAVE 2 formorian giants with 2 600gp ivory tusks, cloak of poisonousness, normal cloak, boots of levitation, boots of dancing, 1357gp, 750gp copper/lapis lazuli bowl 2 chinese hill giants with 3 1000gp ivory tusks, 4900 gp, cloak of poisonousness, normal cloak, boots of levitation, boots of dancing Basically the same encounter, although the formorians are much tougher!
13. LEDGE SHELVING TO UNDERGROUND RIVER --- --- Encounter area 3 in Tsocjonth, in which the magic boat is located on the eastern side of the cavern (at the juncture of areas 11 and 14).
14. UNDERGROUND LAKE 6 piercers, 1 giant snapping turtle 1 giant snapping turtle Essentially the same encounter, letter H in Tsojconth.
B. MAIN RIVER OUTLET --- --- Encounter 4 in Tsojconth, which clocks the current speed at 18".
C. AREA 14. BRIDGE --- N/A Not present in Tsojconth.
15. CUL-DE-SAC 2 cockatrices with 17th level scroll of slow, stone to flesh, phase door, 2000gp green peridot, and a lens of detection 2 cockatrices with stone to flesh scroll Encounter G in Tsojconth, basically the same.
C. WESTERN BRIDGE --- --- Encounter 5 in Tsojconth, which lists it as an "ORNATE BRIDGE OF STONE" with "carved projections, rising about 15' above the water and being made of natural stone." Waterfall is 450' away vs. S4's 100'.
D. THE RIVER EXIT --- --- S4 suggests this as a place to expand the adventure with another, aqueous level.
16. RAINBOW CAVERN 1 gorgimera with 7000sp, 9000gp, 800pp, 21 gems, 2 pieces of jewelry, 1 potion of green dragon control, scroll of protection from elementals, a bag of holding (2,500 gp weight maximum), and a horn of fog. 1 copper dragon (N intelligent, spellcaster) with 30,000cp, 1000gp, 36 100gp gems, 42 500gp gems, 13 1000gp gems, 9 pieces of jewelry worth 48,000gp, 1 783gp quartz sword (hated by intelligent swords of pregen PCs!), ivory tube covered with contact poision contains scroll (monster summoning III, limited wish, symbol), 9 magic mouth jewelry pieces to disguise 1 necklace of missiles Tsojconth encounter K.
17. BOULDER HEAP Graven Glyphs, ring of protection +1 Graven Glyphs. Tsojconth encounter 6, in which the Graven Glyphs are only readable by the best player in that round of the tourney.
18. RICHLY FURNISHED CAVE 4 dao with 2168 1gp gems, and a djinni bottle. 2 fire lizards with 1000cp, 2000sp, 3000gp, 700 1gp gems, 6 5000gp gems, several empty potion flasks, and 2 fire resistance potions (only found on a "thorough search").. Tsojconth encounter J; note the similarites in the 1gp gems!
19. SMALL LAKE 3000 1gp gems on isle. 3000 1gp gems on isle. Tsojconth encounter 7, THE ISLAND OF REBUKE, otherwise identical.
20. BLACK WATER 6 lacedons with 1000ep, 2000gp, 6 100 gp gems, 2 potions of water breathing, and a battle axe +2, +4 vs. undead and Negative Material Plane creatures. 10 sahaugin Tsojconth encounter L.
21. CAVE OF CRYSTALS 3 xorn with 18 uncut base 500gp gems 1 rust monster with 2 gems (10,000gp and 20,000gp). Tsojconth encounter M, which again pits the PCs' intelligent swords against the treasure---if the PCs don't give the gems to each sword, they will fight for them!
22. POOL CAVERN 1 marid 1 water weird (new monster in 1976) Tsojconth encounter N; in S4, this encounter is another opportunity for the DM to expand the adventure to an underwater level accessible via water breathing bestowed by the marid.


The Greater Caverns


Encounter Number S4 Tsojcanth Tsojconth Notes
1. SMALL CAVE WITH MANY TUNNELS 18 troglodytes and champion with cursed broadsword +1 (Neutral, non-intelligent, generates illusions a wand for 5-8 rounds every 3-36 turns), 1 jewelry, and a 250gp crystal flask containing a potion of extra healing; 4 trog eggs worth 1d4x100gp each. 16 troglodytes, leader has a cursed sword (Neutral, Int 7 Ego 12, generates illusion of many trogs, special purpose to slay humans). Tsojconth encounter H.
2. CAVERN OF CORPSES 1 bodak with 187 cp, 3440 sp, 207 ep, 4196 gp, 289 pp, 20 base 50gp gems, 14 pieces of jewelry, potions of
diminution, poison
, and polymorph self, a clerical scroll (resist fire, remove curse, raise dead, heal; at the
12th level of spell use), a magic-user's scroll (write, fool's gold, magic mouth, dispel magic, distance distortion, statue; at the 15th level of spell use), scroll of protection from possession, ring of warmth, bracers of defense AC 7, candle of invocation (chaotic good), serpentine owl, short sword +1 (NSA), a suit of elf-sized scale mail +2, and a spear+2.
16 troglodytes with 10 eggs (300gp each) Tsojconth encounter F. Note that the MU scroll is at 15th level casting, like the Stone Giants' scroll with Bigby's Hand from the wilderness encounters....
3. GREAT GALLERY CAVERN 1 behir with a periapt of proof against poison +3 in stomach 9 patches of green slime that hit 75% of the time Tsojconth encounter B (note that the cavern did not extend beyond the dungeon limits in Tsojconth; yet another opportunity to expand the dungeon in S4).
4. GALLERY CAVERN 5 marlgoyles with 107 cp, 89 sp, 64 ep, 284 gp, 59 pp,10 gems of 10 gp base value, 3 pieces of jewelry, a pair of wings of flying and a horseman's pick +1. N/A Not present in Tsojconth. Note that the marlgoyle appears in the Monster Manual II as a margoyle; Gygax comments on this in "Why Gargoyles Don't Have Wings But Should" from Polyhedron # 21 ().
5. UNEVEN-FLOORED CAVERN 1 umber hulk with 1 5000 gp diamond. 4 minotaurs, leader has an axe +3 and an adamantite mail shirt (AC5) that provides AC1 protection; they guard 6000gp in a chest atop a hole containing potions of polymorph self, extra-healing, and flying. Tsojconth encounter E. Note that the umber hulk's tunnel offers another opporunity for a DM to expand this module.
6. SMALL GALLERY 1 subterranean lizard 1 umber hulk with 5000gp diamond in bluish clay. Tsojconth encounter D (note the switch in S4 with the previous encounter).
7. SMOOTH CAVERN 2 gas spores 6 piercers guarding a dagger +2. Tsojconth encounter C.
8. CAVERN OF STALAGMITES 4 bar-lgura demons with a 4500 gp gold/ruby bracelet, a 600 gp platinum neck chain, a 400gp electrum necklace with a gold pendant (a necklace of missiles with a single 9 HD fireball missile), and a jade ring worth 550 gp. 4 gargoyles with 6 clear crystal gems worth 1000gp and 100gp (x5) Tsojconth encounter A.
9. GLOWING GROTTO --- 1 bronze dragon (N, intelligent, spellcaster) with 1500cp, 3500sp, 5000gp, 9500pp, scroll of raise dead fully, arrow of demon slaying (types I-III), 211 100gp gems, 34 500gp gems, 1 5000 gp gem, 15 pieces of jewelry worth (14 worth 500gp, 1 @ 12,000gp), flask of curses, scarab of death, Tsojconth encounter G.
9.1. THE DARK LABYRINTH 2 bull-mounted minotaurs, with battle axe +2 and 1000gp. --- Not present in Tsojconth.
9.2. THE ARMORED AUTOMATONS 3 animated suits of armor --- Not present in Tsojconth.
9.3. CANYON OF CENTAURS 6 centaurs --- Not present in Tsojconth. I'm quite convinced this encounter was originally from Castle Greyhawk.
9.4. HALL OF PENTACLES --- --- Not present in Tsojconth. I'm quite convinced this encounter was originally from Castle Greyhawk.
10. JAGGED CAVERN 3 chasme demons with a cloak- and boots of elevenkind, four vials of holy water, 203 pp, and a scroll (color
spray, non-detection, maze
; at 11th level).

Dimension Y: 4 evil fighters collectively with +2 plate, +2 evil sword, 4 healing potions, 500gp gem ring, 50 gp, 10 2 gp gems, 10 sp.

Dimension Z: 2 neutral Warlocks with vauge possibility to discover a wand with 50 dispel magic charges.

Tsojconth encounter K, the "DIMENSION SHIFT ROOM," in which every 3 melee round the caverns shifts from dimension Y to Z; inhabitants are aware of the switching, and will be ready for combat.

This room seems to be the inspiration for Tsojcanth encounter 9 :D

11. CAVE OF THE SKULL 1 trapper with rug of smothering and a 750 gp silver chest containing 9 base 100 gp gems, a potion of plant control, and 2 jars of Keoghtom's Ointment 1 trapper with 4000gp and 9 100gp gems, scroll of protection from magic, potion of plant control, rug of smothering, pouch of disappearance dust. Tsojconth encounter J.
12. PILLARED CAVERN 2 ropers with potent venom (STR drains lasts 1-3 hours) 1 roper with 50pp and 50 2gp gems in its gizzard. Tsojconth encounter M.
13. LARGE CAVERN OF ROTTING FUNGI 2 shambling mounds with 75 cp, 397 gp, a silver tube worth 125 gp with a scroll of five MU spells (darkness 15' r., forget, fly, animal growth, cloudkill; at the 9th level), a potion of clairaudience, and a brooch of shielding. 1 shambling mount with neo-otyugh with one of the teleport clues: "NORTH, THEN NORTHEAST TO THE SOUTHWESTERN GATE, AND IF YOU ENTER YOU WILL NEXT HAVE TO GO SOUTH AND EAST" Tsojconth encounter O, which also mentions in the description that shriekers are present (along with rotting vegetation, etc.).
14. LARGE, IRREGULAR CAVERN 1 hill giant with rhinocerous beetle; giant has 1276 gp and wears an ivory (200 gp), and a giant weasel pelt belt (875 gp). 1 wyvern with 11,000sp, bronze scroll tube with scroll (neutralize poison, and cure serious wounds x2) Tsojconth encounter P.
15. FUNGI CAVE 8 shriekers 7 shriekers with +3 warhammer wrapped in a leaden sheet (preventing magical detection). Tsojconth encounter R, set in the southwester spur of S4's encounter 16. Shriekers planted by Shambler @ O and giants @ Q.
16. GREAT CAVERN 1 dracolisk with 1106 cp, 5018 sp, 98 ep, 111 gp, 988 pp, 7 base 100 gp gems, 5 jewelry, a jeweled sword scabbard (1850 gp), and a 300 gp ivory case containing a wand of magic missiles with 100 charges. 2 fire giants with 4000gp, 8 pieces of jewelry (3000gp each), 2 potions of plant control, and the hidden warhammer at R; giants will reveal it to save themselves (all +3 war hammers in OD&D were dwarven throwers); giants also respond to shrieker noise. Tsojconth encounter Q. The corridor to the southeast from the dracolisk's extended lair is another opportunity to expand the S4 module.
17. CAVE CHAMBER Mushrooms in a good haven/sympahty room that cure 1 point damage, give infravisual capability of 90'range for 1 d4+4 turns, give an immunity to poison for 1d6+6 turns, or are wholesome and satisfying food 1 chimera with teleport clue ("SOUTHWEST, THEN NORTHWEST BRINGS THE VENTURESOME TO THE SOUTHWEST GATE, AND IF YOU ENTER YOU WILL GO THE OPPOSITE WAY") Tsojconth encounter N.
18. GROTTO OF THE DEMON IDOL 1 stone golem 1 type II demon with crystal hypnosis ball and lodestone, and the wall-engraved teleport clue "Go up and southwest and you will rebound." Tsojconth encounter L.
19. GREAT IRON DOORS Command word to magic boat, via painting (of Drelnza?). --- NEXUS encounter in Tsojconth.
CORRIDOR OF RED MARBLE --- --- NEXUS encounter in Tsojconth.
20. THE INNER SPHERE Drelnza (Ftr 13 vampire) with bastard sword +4 (CE, Int 17, Ego 20; special purpose is to slay lawful good clerics, and any struck must save vs. Paralyzation or be paralyzed for 1-4 rounds; the sword also has the following powers: detect good, detect magic, detect invisibility, flying. The sword can communicate telepathically, read languages, read magic, and speak Common, Hill Giant, Minotaur, and CE), plate mail +2, slippers of spider climbing, lots of goodies that should be destroyed in fighting, a block of everburning incense, Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn, a Prison of Zagig, a 27,000 gp tiara, 20,000 gp necklace, 12,000 gp bracelet, 9000 gp earrings, 6000 gp ring, The Demonomicon of lggwilv, Manuals of
Bodily Health
, -Gainful Exercise, and -Quickness of Action, and Tomes of Clear Thought, -Leadership and Influence, and -Understanding.
1 vampiress lord (13th level fighter) with armor (AC5, therefore presumably chainmail or scale mail), helm, +4 evil sword (Int 12, Ego 12; speaks Common, evil, elfish, orcish, red dragon, dwarfish; detects invisible, good, and traps; teleports; special purpose to slay Lawful/Good clerics); 1 of each tome that causes characteristics to go up by 1 point; 100 1000 gp gems, and many of the same misc. acoutremonts listed in S4 (but without definitive values assigned to them)

Tsojconth encounter S. Note that the sword teleports in the original; also the NEXUS chamber is a hemisphere in Tsojconth, not a sphere.

In Tsojconth, Drelnza isn't named, and is described thus: "Stretched in slumber upon this bed is a comely female form, obviously so despite the armor (chainmail) in which it is clad


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