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Greyhawk Tribes


Race Tribe Name(s) House Name(s) Notes
Bakluni (human) Chakyik Tiger Nomads
Bakluni (human) Uli/Ull
Bakluni (human)  Wegwiur Wolf Nomads
Buchveer (bugbear) Buchveer is the Flan name for bugbears
Celbit (kobold) Celbit is the Flan name for kobolds
Dwur (dwarf) Dwur is the Flan name for dwarves
Eiger (ogre) Eiger is the Flan name for orgres
Euroz (orc) Euroz is the Flan name for orcs
Flan (human) Flan is the Flan name for Flan humans
Flan (human) People of the Plentiful Hunting meaning of the name Rovers of the Barrens in Flan (3-4 Rovers tribes left)
Hobniz (halfling) Hobniz is the Flan name for halfings
Hoch Jebli (hobgoblin) High Jebli, Hoch Jebli, High Jebline, Hoch Jebline are Flan names for hobgoblins
Jebli (goblin) Jebli is the Flan name for goblins
Kell (gnoll) Kell is the Flan name for gnolls
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Cranden
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Darmen
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Furyon
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Garasteth
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Keogh
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Naelax/Naelex
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Nyrond/Nehron same bloodline as Rax
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Rax same bloodline as Nyrond/Nehron
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Torquann SE aerdy (nb: same name as drowic house?)
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi [rel astra] house of rel astra, rival to Naelax
Oerid (human) Aerdy, Aerdi Voll/Velondi
Rhenne (human) Attloi Attloi appear in Gygax's novel Saga of Old City 
Rhenne (human) Rhenne
Suel (human) Cruski
Suel (human) Fruztii
Suel (human) Lendor
Suel (human) Schnai
Suel (human) Shar Shar = Scarlett Brotherhood Suel
Suel (human) Suelli Suel in barbarian lang 
Suel (human) Gellor  Urnst house
Suel (human) Neheli
Suel (human) Rhola
Trulent (troll) Trulent is the Flan name for trolls

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