Valley of the Mage
fig. 1
fig. 2

Blazon fig. 1: Black per fesse arched gold, a mage symbol of the Black One red.
Blazon fig. 2: Black, a fireball bendwise sinister proper.

Comments: The Valley of the Mage has been shrouded in secrecy and conjecture as far as human memory goes. Even the long lived elves don’t really have a complete history of the area, or they are also concealing the truth. The two shields are relatively new as the current ruler of the valley, Jaran Krimeeah, took up residence near the turn of the 5th century.

Prior to the Greyhawk Wars the valley was assigned arms, fig. 2, by the Grand Duchy of Geoff’s Griffin King of Arms as a placeholder. As the realm with the closest relations, if you could call it that they need a symbol for that realm when making official documents. Obviously not much thought went into it as the fireball depicted is crude and not a widely recognized symbol with in the science of heraldry. I find it amusing that the recording herald placed the fireball facing sinister. Then again, The Black One wasn't know for his heraldic scholarship, perhaps he missed the inference.

This place holder arms lasted until the Greyhawk Wars, when the delegation from Geoff and Sterich was received by false Black One, Nyeru of Bissel, and the delegates saw the arms of fig. 1 prominently displayed in their accommodations, a Magnificent Mansion spell. As they did not meet the actual Black One there is doubt that this is actually the arms of the Valley Kingdom.

However, I can confirm that the symbol at the top is the mage mark of Jaran Krimeeah, a mark I had seen in intercepted documents relating the Black One and his valley while I lived in Rauxes. Nyeru would have to be sure that the Black One was truly dead or be completely mad to usurp this mark. So, either the Black Mage is no more or Nyeru was acting on his behalf.

A brief note. Before the Black One's arrival in the valley it was ruled by a Valley Elf King. There is no known arms for this previous Kingdom in any records that I have seen. It is rumored that documents left behind by the last Elven King were held by the Duke of Geoff prior to the Greyhawk Wars, but their current whereabouts since the Giant invasion has not been confirmed. Perhaps a description or picture of the original arms could be found in them.

In Service,

Saracenus Garasteth, Baron of Trellwood
Radiant Sun King at Arms

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