D20 System Faster Tools 1.5

By Yo Yo Dyne Technologies

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Get Plain Text
Clicking on this button will pop up a dialog box with a text version of all the attributes.  This will  allow you to use ctrl-c to copy selected text and then ctrl-v to then insert the selected text into a word processor of your choice.

Race and Class
Click the Roll button and Faster Tools will randomly generate a race, class(es), and level(s) for you.  If you prefer you can enter a Race in the drop down box and type in a class and level.  Note: the class must have the first letter capitalized and have correct spelling.  Since Faster Tools is made to be used with the Character Generator it does not support the prestige classes in the DMG.

Ability Scores
The number of skills points you have depends on your Intelligence and several Feats have a minimum ability score prerequisite.  Therefore, you should enter in the values for the appropriate ability scores here before going on to rolling skills and feats.

Click on the Roll Skills button button and Faster Tools will pick all your skills based on your class(es), intelligence, and race (humans get more skill points).  You will see the name of the class and then a list of skills, these skill ranks were purchased with this classes pool of skill points.  There is a 50% chance that a skill will be picked from the list of class skills and a 50% chance a skill will be picked from the list of cross class skills; other than that there is an equal chance for all skills.  Once a skill has been picked there is a 50% chance that that skill will be maxed out until you no longer have any skill points or you have the maximum rank allowed in that skill.
One thing to note.  I added a house skill called Monster Lore to the Class skill for all classes.  This skill allows a character a chance to recognize a monster and know the monster's abilities and weaknesses.
Also, the .skill files are just text files so you can open them up in a text editor and change them if you want.  You can also increase the frequency of a skill by adding it more than once to the file, each entry has an equal chance of being chosen.

Click on the Roll Feats button and Faster Tools will randomly roll Feats for your character.  Any Feat that does not have a prerequisite has an equal chance of being chosen.  Although a non spell caster can take feats related to spell casting I decided to eliminate these feats from the non spell casters list of possible feats.  In general if you meat the prerequisite for a feat you have twice the normal chance of selecting that feat on the second go around.  The only exception to this is Paladins and Rangers who are able to cast spells, the spell related feats will have a normal chance for these characters.  Also, if after rolling a feat this qualifies you for another feat there is a base 50% chance that you will take the next feat in the series.
One thing to note.  I added two house Feats.  One is Team Fighting, only prerqusisite is proficiency in the weapon you are using and it is on the Fighter Bonus feat list.   Team Fighting gives you +1 to hit and +1 AC when fighting next to a commrad that also has Team Fighting.  The other is Poison Immunity (prequisite Dwarf or 1 level Rogue or the Great Fortitude feat).  Poison Immunity gives you complete immunity to one specific type of poison.

Cleric Domains
Click on the Roll Domains button to randomly choose two domains for your Cleric.  Note: the cleric.domain file is a text file so you can change the list of available domains if you want to.  You can also increase the frequency of a domain by adding it in more than once; each entry has an equal chance of being chosen.

Open Game Content
Faster Tools is now a d20 product.  The executable itself is open game content except for any images, and the words Dungeons and Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, Yo Yo Dyne Technologies, and Faster Tools.

There is also a d20random.dll that is a separate d20 product included with the install.  The d20random.dll, d20random.lib, and dice_roll.h are completly open game content.

'D20 System' and the D20 System logo are Trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast and are used with permission.