d20 Feats

Requires the use of the Dungeons and Dragons(R) Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast(R)

Feats I have published in the NetBook of Feats and are all Open Game Content:
Armor Focus
Create Wondrous Creature
Improved Subdual
Shield Expertise
Shield Focus
Subtle Spell
Team Fighting

COPYRIGHT 2001, B. Marcus Lindberg, Scott Metzger
You move around in a certain type of armor without effort.
Prerequisite: Proficient with armor, base attack bonus +1 or higher
Benefit: When wearing a specified type of armor it inflicts 1 less skill penalty and the maximum Dex bonus is raised by one. This cannot reduce the penalties to sub zero levels.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. The effects does not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of armor.
  Balance: 4.60 (Purp 4.75, Pow 4.75, Port 4.50, Comp 4.50, Rule 4.50)

CREATE WONDROUS CREATURE [Item Creation, Creature]
COPYRIGHT 2001, Scott Metzger
You know how to create Aberrations, Beasts, Magical Beasts, Monstrous Humanoids, and Plants.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Arcana) or Knowledge (Psionics), Knowledge (Nature), Spellcaster level 5th+ or Manifester level 5th+
Benefit: You can create any Aberration, Beast, Magical Beast, Monstrous Humanoid, or Plant whose prerequisites you meet.  The creature created is not necessarily under your control.  To create a creature you need access to a lab, similar to an alchemist's lab, of at least 500gp value.  The creation of a creature involves taking a similar creature or creature(s) and subjecting them to various spells and grafting techniques.  There is a chance that the experiment will be a failure.  To create a creature you must succeed both a Knowledge (Arcana) or Knowledge (Psionics) and a Knowledge (Nature) check (DC 20 + CR of attempted creature).  You may not 'take 10' on these rolls.  However, you get a +1 circumstance bonus for every attempt at a specific creature that you have previously made, whether successful or not.  If both Knowledge skill checks are failed the creature dies a horrible death.  If one Knowledge skill check fails and one Knowledge skill check succeeds the resulting creation is horribly deformed in some way and is hostile towards you.
The base price of a creature is the challenge rating squared times 1000gp (CR x CR x 1000gp).   Creating a creature takes 1 day for every 1,000 gp in its base price.  To create a creature, you must spend 1/25 of its base price in XP and use up raw materials costing half of its base price.
The minimum caster level for creating a creature is 2 x CR of the intended creature.  The appropriate spells must be used in order to add extraordinary (Ex), spell-like (Sp), and/or supernatural (Su) abilities.
Special: If a Charm Monster spell is cast every day of the creation process, a successfully created creature will be in permanent servitude to you.  If a Limited Wish is used in the creation process a successfully created creature will be in permanent servitude to you and will even follow a life goal, determined by you, after you have died.  If a Wish is used in the creation process a successfully created creature and its descendants will follow a life goal, determined by you, even after you have died.
  Balance: 3.96 (Purp 5.00, Pow 4.20, Port 4.00, Comp 3.00, Rule 3.60)
  Comments: Characters should be encouraged to create their own unique magical beasts and not just create another Owlbear, Tendriculos, Mimic, or Skum.  If the creature is a new creature the DM should determine the CR.

COPYRIGHT 2001, Scott Metzger
You really know how to subdue opponents.
Prerequisite: Proficient in a bludgeoning weapon.
Benefit: When attacking with a bludgeoning weapon and attempting to do subdual damage you do not incur the usual penalties for attempting to do subdual damage.  Also, the weapons threat range is doubled when dealing subdual damage.
  Balance: 4.15 (Purp 4.00, Pow 3.75, Port 4.50, Comp 4.00, Rule 4.50)

SHIELD EXPERTISE [General, Defense]
COPYRIGHT 2001, Scott Metzger
Prerequisite: Shield Focus
Benefit: Your shield’s armor bonus is increased by 1 when you wield it.
  Balance: 3.75 (Purp 3.50, Pow 3.75, Port 3.75, Comp 4.00, Rule 3.75)

COPYRIGHT 2001, B. Marcus Lindberg, Scott Metzger
You wield in a certain type of shield without effort.
Prerequisite: Proficient with shield, base attack bonus +1 or higher
Benefit: When wielding a specified type of shield it inflicts 1 less skill penalty and 5% less Arcane Spell Failure. This cannot reduce the penalties to sub zero levels.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. The effect does not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of shield.
  Balance: 4.65 (Purp 4.75, Pow 4.75, Port 4.75, Comp 4.50, Rule 4.50)

SUBTLE SPELL [Metamagic]
COPYRIGHT 2001, Scott Metzger
You know how to disguise the use of material, verbal, and somatic components; thus making your spell casting difficult to recognize.
Prerequisite: Spellcraft skill.
Benefit: When you cast a subtle spell those who could observe you must make a Spot check opposed by your Spellcraft check to identify that you are casting a spell.  A subtle spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.
Normal: Without this feat spell casting is automatically recognized as spell casting.
Notes: Casting a subtle spell still draws an attack of opportunity.  If the person taking the attack of opportunity fails the opposed Spot check they still get the attack of opportunity but do not know why you let your guard down.
  Balance: 4.16 (Purp 4.60, Pow 4.00, Port 4.20, Comp 4.00, Rule 4.00)

COPYRIGHT 2001, Scott Metzger
You know how to fight as a pair, group, and in formation.
Prerequisite: Base attack modifier of +1 or better.
Benefit: Two or more people can fight together as a team.  The team members block and parry blows for each other.  Team members also work together to open up opponent’s weaknesses.  Team members need to be within each others threatened area and every team member needs to have the feat. Each person having Team Fighting gets a +1 to hit bonus and a +1 Armor Class bonus.  Also, if two people have Team Fighting they can switch carried items as a free action.  This would allow one person to reload a Heavy Crossbow or Repeating Crossbow while the other fires, thus one character could fire the Heavy Crossbow every round while the other guy is loading.
  Balance: 4.20 (Purp 4.50, Pow 4.25, Port 4.00, Comp 3.75, Rule 4.50)
  Comments: This feat can be used to model the extra effectiveness of Swiss pike men, Monks fighting together, or Athenian bonded battle partners.

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