Monster 2.1 Now Available

This program is for use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  AD&D is copyrighted by TSR as
are most of the monsters included in this program.  This program randomly chooses a monster out of the many publications that TSR has produced.  It allows the user to select terrain, climate, campaign, and plane.  It will then roll a suitable monster based on the frequency.

Many thanks to Roger D. Mast, Jr. for developing The Magnificent Monstrous Database 5th Edition, the database that is included with this program.  Roger's comments and explanations on The Magnificent Monstrous Database can be found at:

Monster was developed using Borland C++ Builder and Paradox for the database.

New Features for version 2.1

This program is free, however, I would appreciate any donations.  All donations will be used to pay for the software used to create this program.
Make checks payable to:  Scott Metzger
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Download Monster 2.1.

You are free to repost the zip file to your own ftp site, however, I would appreciate it if you let me know that you did this.  This way I can inform you of updates to the program.