Monster 2.0

By Yo Yo Dyne Technologies
Scott Metzger, Baron of Software Development

Introduction:  This program is for use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  AD&D is copyrighted by TSR as are many of the monsters included in this program.  This program randomly chooses a monster out of the many publications that TSR has produced.  Many thanks to Roger D. Mast, Jr. for developing The Magnificent Monstrous Database 5th Edition, the database that is included with this program.  Roger's comments and explanations on The Magnificent Monstrous Database can be found at:

Donations:  If you find this program useful, please consider sending a contribution to:
                    Scott Metzger
                    4613 Loma Escondida
                    El Paso, TX 79934
You can make the check payable to Scott Metzger.  All donations will be used for the cost of development tools used in making the program.

Save As HTML - Saves the encounter to an HTML file.

Print - Prints the encounter.

Configure - Allows you to choose how the program will randomly roll a monster.

Delete - If you have the Encounter grid selected when you push this, the present Encounter will be deleted.  Otherwise the present Creature will be deleted.  A confirmation will be issued for deleting the Encounter.

Roll Monster - This will randomly determine a monster according to your selected configuration.  The first roll will take longer than subsequent rolls.

Choose Monster - This will allow you to pick your monster by hand.

Encounter - Enter the name of your encounter, an encounter can have several different monsters stored in it.  To start a new encounter click in the encounter box and hit your insert key or the down arrow.

Encounter Notes - Enter any notes you want to make about the encounter.

Creatures - List of monsters in this particular encounter.  To see the details of each monster just click on the monster in question.