Download Monster 3.5 (last updated 12/3/03)

Monster 3.5 Help

File->Set Template will select your template file.  The default is the included Template.html.  The template file allows you to customize your HTML output.

Celestial or Fiendish Template Check either box to apply the celestial or fiendish template to all selected creatures.  This will include all the celestial or fiendish abilities in the stat block.  If Celestial is checked it will change the alignment of the creature to "Always good (any)", if Fiendish is checked it will change the alignment of the creature to "Always evil (any)".

You can sort the displayed monsters by clicking on the appropriate column title in the grid.  The columns that you can sort by are Category, Name, CR, Type, Environment, and Alignment.

Just hit the appropriate key and the program will take you to the first entry of your currently selected sort that begins with that key.  For instance if you are sorted by Name and you hit the 'u' key it will automatically jump to the entry for Unicorn.

Just left click on a monster's row or use Ctrl + Left Click to select multiple creatures.

Save as HTML
Click on the Scroll Button to select a file name and location to save your HTML statblock to.

For questions or comments please send email to: YoYoDyne@webweaver.zzn.com
I would greatly appreciate hearing about any data problems with the monsters.