RogueGenerator 1.0 PR3 is now available.  Special thanks to Magnus Thor Hallgrimsson for the use of his artwork in the splash screen.

Download Sites:

Read the Help Files.  Screen shots can be seen here.  Note: these are included in the downloaded program.

Requirements: Windows 95,98 or Windows NT; Pentium Pro recommended and 1024x768 small fonts.  It has not been tested on Win2K but it should work.

Purpose of RogueGenerator:  The purpose of RogueGenerator is to provide the DM with a flexible and complete tool to randomly generate NPCs.  However, RogueGenerator may be used to file and develop PC characters.

Current Functionality:  New for Preview release 2.  New for Preview Release 3.

What's next?

Some of my notes on the development of RogueGenerator and features to be included in future versions.

RogueGeneator is developed with Borland C++ Builder and Paradox for the database.

What I could use your help on: (if I use anything you send me I will at least give you a free final version of the Software and mention you in my credits.).