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Make a set of tables which hold characters. Make a form which allows you to select a character from the list of stored characters Allow characters to be saved, deleted, or cancel any modifications.

Completed 3/9/98

When you do NOT Push the Role button and you enter your attributes and then select a race you get in an infinite loop.

When you go from scratch, and chose race then class; the resultant class does not turn up as selected.

Completed 3/10/98

Code Review

Check the X box for the dice rolls form.  Also check Xing then going back in and doing somethhing and cancelling and OKing.

Redo mainform


WHen Fighter is secondary class it should not be possible to have a 0 for the level.  10/10/98  Cannot re-create.
When the XP for a 0 level Fighter is set to 0 it raises his level to 1.

XP and XP worth

Preview Release 1

Save As HTML 10/17/98

AL  10/24/98

Weapon Proficiencies & Specializations  10/24/98

Something is wrong with the Delete Character.  When you are currently editing a character that you have saved.  3/18/99  3/19/99

Illusionist & Bard

There is a better way to select the alignment.  Use select sum.. as ... etc.
XP is no longer calculated/displayed  3/21/99
Manually increasing level after rolling character abilities results in an error saying that the dataset is not in edit or insert mode.  3/21/99
Rolled a level '0' Thief.  Not reproducable.
Roll, Roll Atributes, Change the Class, then Roll gets a Key Violation.  Pushing New Character corrects for this.  Need to have a try catch and display a user friendly dialog, or just call new character in the catch.  3/31/99

Problems with records being locked by another user.
If I chose to edit a single class character first, then a dual classes char. the Level2 is not shown correctly.  4/1/99  4/1/99
New Character, Roll Up, Add a secondary class, check invalid or fix invalid causes an EAccess violation.  4/3/99
Alow user to change attacks per Round in House Rules.  4/14/99
Make sure that the House Rules Weapon Specialization/level only gets added in when SPECIALIZED.  4/14/99
Double check all grids in House Rules and Dice Rolls to make sure that you cannot insert, edit only applicable fields, and that the different arrows work.

Preview Release 3 starts here

MU Spells. 5/?/99 8/22/00  dang! that took a long time.

Pulled up Raistlin (lvl 19 MU) that was saved; exited program and got an exception: insufficient table rights password required for operation on CFMWeapon. Seems to work.

Level 1 Mage with 9 Int can't memorize any spells?

Clean up the database if there are invalid entries  8/22/00  8/22/00

When Rolling Spells then Weapons I get an Access violation.

Update the Help for Pr3  8/28/00

Bonus Spells for High int don't go to zero when clicking on Core Rules button.
In House Rules - Wizard Spells- Spell Points change the column heading from MaxSpell/Lvl to MaxSpell-Lvl.

Edit Class Race Combinations

Non-Weapon Proficiencies/Languages

Cleric Spells

Thief Abilities





Magic Items





Export Character/backup

Import character backup

Edit/Add Races

Edit/Add Races

Edit/Add spells

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