Initial Setting

Brewfest, 581 C.Y.
Duchy of Tenh.
The small village of Brightstone in the outskirts of Griff Mountains, a couple of days southwest from the city of Calbut.

Unexplained disappearances from the farms arround the village, misterious sightings at night near the abandoned keep, rumors of wandering orcs in the area...

The people of Brightstone are worried and the local council calls for bold adventurers to find what's going on. Two local young men, a priest and a fighter, volunteer to go. A dwarven fighter from Unterstone Hall answers the call, since a rich mine is said to be found near the keep. A monk from a secluded monastery arrives to help. An elven rogue, having heard drunk soldier's tales of hidden treasures in the area, agrees to go. Even a frost barbarian from beyond the mountains, who claims to be lost, joins the group.

This eclectic group starts then an unknown path that will lead to many adventures with its rewards... and perils.

Actual Setting

Readying 583 C.Y.
City of Greyhawk.

The group has changed. Denar, Artin, Kerrick and Cahlef left for new endeavors. Asrial, Gorath, Inowe and Quinath remain. Orist is the new member. If they want to succeed in Maure Castle they must rely now more in mind rather than in muscle.



Alina, Enchanter/Cutpurse, Female Elven Wizard Lvl 7 / Rogue Lvl 3 (Radigast City)
Lady Artin Torunn, Female Dwarven Fighter Lvl 13 (Corusk Mts.)
Asrial Elessedil, Bard, Female Elven Bard Lvl 11
Cahlef, Superhero/Scout, Female Human Fighter 8 / Ranger Lvl 3 (Phostwood Forest, Tenh)
Denar, High Priest of Heironeous, Male Human Cleric Lvl 14 (Willip, Furyondy)
Faramund, Superhero/Knight Errant, Male Human Fighter Lvl 8 / Cavalier Lvl 4 (Phostwood Forest, Tenh)
Master Gorath Silverleaf, Male Elven Rogue Lvl 14
Kentsui Inowe, Master of Autumn, Female Human Monk Lvl 14
Kerrick the Barbarian, Male Human Barbarian Lvl 14 (Frost Barbarians)
Kir'Orist Mithalvarin, High Priest of Boccob, Male Elven Cleric Lvl9 / Loremaster Lvl 5
Quinath Leafholder, Warlock/Hero, Male Elven Wizard Lvl 8 / Fighter Lvl 4


List of Non-Player Characters


Duchy of Tenh
Village of Brightstone
Underdak near the Dwarven Stronghold
Southwest Tenh
Northern Tenh
Southeast Tenh
County of Urnst
Kingdom of Furyondy - The Marklands
Duchy of Urnst
Maure Castle - The Great Hall
Maure Castle - Tomorast Hold
Maure Castle - Kerzit's Fane


Duchy of Tenh
Communities of the Duchy
Prominent features

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