Duchy of Tenh
(From A Guide To The World of Greyhawk)

His Radiance, Duke Ehyeh III of Tenh

Capital: Nevond Nevnend (pop. 23,800)
Population: 200,000
Demi-humans: Some
Humanoids: Numerous (in mountains)
Resources: foodstuffs, platinum

Tenh has always been under the rule of the Flannae, and most of its peoples are of that racial stock. The fertile uplands between the Artonsamay and the Griff Mountains proved sanctuary and home to Flan tribesmen as the influx of Oerids and Suel peoples elsewhere drove them off or absorbed them. About the time the Aerdi began to expand, the Tenh created their own state from the diverse groups within the boundaries of their land, and their greatest leader was proclaimed Duke.

This realm has retained its freedom and independence down to this day, although it is continually troubled by bandits from the west, raiders from the north, marauding humanoids, and border clashes with the Theocracy of the Pale. Tenh medium cavalry is of excellent repute, as are its sturdy footmen, armed with shortbow and pole arms.