Expensive indeed. My favorite part of WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins (Which I fully DMed twice) is near the end of Zagig's Tower where after many fun months of gaming your characters find the motherlode; a series of rooms filled with the remnants of treasure from Zagig's adventuring days. No, simple gold and silver will suffice for the mad archmage. These items are all unpredictable as their owner and each hints at a story of exotic lands and unfinished ambitions. These three are but a sample of the overall haul:
The Caravanís Bounty
"One of Zagigís last adventures took him on a caravan journey to other worlds by the use of a spelljamming ship. He returned to Oerth with all manner of exotic merchandise, much of which is stored here in huge clay jars. Each is about one yard in diameter."

"Where the single jar has been broken there is a fine grey powder on the floor. A wizard will probably notice the smell of sulfur, a component of this black powder. Each of the other jars is full of powder. Since it is not packed for explosive purposes, igniting a jar of powder will merely create the equivalent of 16-die fireball, most likely igniting the others."

"Another jar has been shattered in this room and thousands of platinum rings have rolled out onto the floor. These rings are too big for human hands, more suited for ogres or even hill giants. They have inscriptions on them (not of this world), but a read languages spell will reveal that they say 'in the service of your lord, you will fear no foe'....There are 2000 rings per jar, or a total of 30,000 rings in the room..."

"There are a number of ruptured jars here, spilling glass beads onto the floor. The beads are black as coal, each one roughly ĺ of an inch in diameter. There beads are powerful magical items, either beads of force or individual missile globes from a necklace of missiles. However, even by magical detection they are indistinguishable. There are 300 beads per jar."

The thousands of magical ogre-sized platinum rings alone is worth more than most dragon hoards I've seen in D&D and there's alot more (Like my friend's favorite, the Everful Jars of Food). You could wreck a medieval economy with all this stuff, but I bet Zagig had some clever plans for all this stuff. I know my players certainly did too (Tries to forget the carpet bombing of Iuz's army). Fun stuff. I highly reccomend this module. If you ever get a chance, run Greyhawk Ruins or in the very least The Tower of Zagig.
More next time!

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