Kaboom. As Big Mac correctly guessed over at the Piazza forums, Zagig's cargo of explosive treasure from last episode pulled an air envelope with it when dumped into space allowing it the chance to blow up the strange anomaly as we've witnessed. How spectacular was this explosion? Well that depends on how far apart the jars of missile beads and smoke powder drift in wildspace before igniting, but assuming there was some overlap it would be one of the biggest fireballs you'll ever see. And here's a breakdown if someone wants to figure out the exact damage if a person got caught in the blast:
12 jars of beads @ 300 beads per jar
1800 2-HD fireball
720 3-HD fireball
360 4-HD fireball
180 5-HD fireball
108 6-HD fireball
72 7-HD fireball
36 8-HD fireball
36 9-HD fireball
36 10-HD fireball
36 11-HD fireball
216 Beads of Force (each 5-HD explosion)
13 jars of smoke powder (each 16-HD fireball)

Fun stuff and that doesn't even include the shrapnel of 30,000 platinum rings! Anyhoo, now that Celestian has put his foot down and ended this mirror universe nonsense, maybe things will return to normal in Greyspace? Yeah, right!

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