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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In early 2005 a group of Canonfire patrons decided to gather together to produce a Gazetteer of the Gran March, together with an underlying campaign. As such, this project is a labour of love, and respect of the Greyhawk setting. We are all giving our time freely and not in search of vast sums of easy to carry cash (although that would be nice).

The hope is to publish this project as a complete article on the pages of Canonfire, and possibly maintain a web site of similar material (web space and provider willing).

We aim to detail the Gran March from many aspects, all the way from the government and military all the way down to customs and what sort of socks a peasant wears.

The team as it stands are (in no particular order);


    Anced Math (Obergruppenführer for the project)
    Ivor Mac (Campign and story arc)
    Tedra (Artwork)
    GVDammerung & SKDammerung (Article Writers in extremis)
    Hammarr_Jaerome (Our Man in the Military)
    FirePower (Advisor on Spiritual Matters)

Yabusama (Cartographic freak and sad muppet)

    Wolfsire (Lawyer)
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