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A game that has fired my imagination for more than two decades, Dungeons & Dragons has risen from the ashes of may apathy with the D&D 3rd edition, and rekindled flames from embers I thought had long-turned cold.  


The World of Greyhawk was my first love in D&D, and I have returned to my roots with the WotC release of D&D 3rd edition.  My Greyhawk site features my own delvings into esoteric and  scholarly Greyhawk lore, as well as my Greyhawk-specific 3rd edition rules variants.  

In addition, I really liked the process of piecing together bits and pieces of lore from The Dragon about The Forgotten Realms, back before it became the default D&D setting for 2nd edition.  

Lastly, I have my own campaign world, called Mendenein.  I may even post stuff about it someday, although it's an amalgamation of Tolkien, Moorcock, Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms, Thieves World, and other mostly-ripped off stuff.  

The Grodog's Vault

Now that my D&D materials have arrived in California, I hope to begin converting them to 3rd edition sometime during the year 2001.  However, given the amount of work that my Greyhawk site has required, I wouldn't hold your breath.  

  • Adventures
  • Character Classes 
    • Altering the Sorceror:  spontaneous magic a la Ars Magica meets D&D 3rd edition
  • House Rules
  • Monsters
    • Daemons
    • Demons 
    • Dragons
  • Magic Items
  • Prestige Classes
  • Skills and D&D 3rd edition
    • Broadening the skill-set of Fighters, tweaking the skill-points of Rangers/Bards (perhaps?)
  • Spells

D&D Research

  • Scott Riddick's The Acaeum is the premiere site for D&D research.  A comparative repository of the editions of most pre-1990 D&D books published by TSR, The Acaeum sets the standard for D&D research for all pre-1990 D&D products
  • Matthias Bock's non-TSR D&D Publishing lists, a repository of publishers and products produced for D&D (either officially or unofficially), but not by TSR or WotC
  • Adrian Newman's TSR Archive is a great resource that's currently being rebuilt (as of Feburary 2017), so you'll want to use the full site available via the Internet Archive in the meanwhile. Adrian's site is not as detailed as The Acaeum, but does provide two good features that The Acaeum lacks:  many of the scans on Brenfrow's web site are of higher quality (and therefore more readable), and Adrian includes summary information about early TSR product (often reproducing the front and back cover blurb text, and detailing the components of boxed sets, etc.).  

Gaming Magazine Research

  • White Dwarf Magazine Indices:  prior to becoming the Games Workshop house organ, White Dwarf served up a nice smattering of fantasy content, including D&D adventures, magic items, etc. in the tradition of The Dragon; the following two indicies seem to be best among those I've found online:
  • WotC's Polyhedron Magazine index (the official journal of the RPGA) is now defunct, but I've preserverd it here on my site

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  • Kansas gaming stores
    • Battlezone
    • Gatekeeper
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  • Pennsylvania gaming stores
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