Grodogiana: bric-a-brac of the Grodog's mind

This district of the Dreaming City can be likened to the Foreign Quarter of Allan Grohe's mind: it contains a hubbub of material drawn from the vast reaches of the Multiverse, and suffers not only from a lack of planning, but from the accumulation of ages of bric-a-brac. For reference, read my essay "Magic and Octagons, Dust and Stuff."

Links Elsewhere and Elsewhen

Here are some links to other web sites that I find useful. Perhaps you will also.

  • Dragon Con, my favorite gaming, sci-fi, comic, and general fun convention, can be reached through the link. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, each June or July, I've never had a bad time there (and I was at the first, very small one).  An old Nomads of the Time Streams friend, Paul Cashman, is the web master.
  • Check out the Grohe Homepage, which, so far as I know, bears no direct genealogical relationship to me, although the company shares my surname, which I find rather nifty.  Grohe produces environmentally-friendly plumbing products, FYI.
  • Just in case you don't have cable, you can get world-wide, up-to-the-minute accurate weather forecasts from The Weather Channel. In case you're planning to visit me in the near future, and wondering what to pack, feel free to check out Santa Clara's current weather.
  • Penn State Steam Tunnels

Bazarre of the Bizarre

This area of Imrryr just contains various links to retailers who have, for one reason or another, caught my eye.  Most of the retailers on my page are in other areas, in close proximity to subjects near and dear to my heart (Necronomicon Press, for example, is in the HPL stuff on my games page).  The links below just didn't have a convenient subject segue, but are worth checking out nonetheless.

  • My friend Norm Hood's Chimera Publishing sells good fantasy art (Gould, Matthews, Olivia, Morrisey, Giger, etc.).
  • My favorite book dealer is Ziesing Books, hosted by Mark and Cindy Ziesing. They're great. Buy their books, even if you can get them from Wal-Mart or some other Evil Corporation for less $. You don't really want to support Evil do you? (Reminds me of Time Bandits, "Don't touch that--it's evil").
  • I've dealt with several rare and out-of-print games dealers in my time, including the following:

Random Name Generators

Pages of Family and Friends

These are actually people who I know, and am still willing to admit to such in public (which in the case of some of these expatriots from Yuggoth is quite an admission).  You decide which is most horrifying . . . .

  • Aaron Harris has resurrected (or would that be reincarnated?) his web site, The Mad Coyote's Ongoing Gambit.  Perhaps he'll actually manage to put some good content up this time :-)
  • My sister, Alison Grohe, has built a Sailor Moon web site.  She has created some original drawings, and is willing to post fan art, fan fiction, etc.  Contact her at
  • Matt Cowger's site at Tenebrous Technologies is a fun-filled stroll down memory  lane--if you were a serial killer in another life, or perhaps are now, but just don't remember why it is that you wake up all covered in mud, muck, and small intestines, from time-to-time.
  • The Library of Babylon, the page of my friend Chris Gross, with history and computer resources, lots of other neat links, and other signs of intelligent life.
  • Sarnath and The Modern Word are sites created by my friend Allen Ruch. It features some roleplaying games material, lots of cool info on some excellent metafictional authors, and, dare I say it, more quails.

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