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This is the web page where I place the occasional news-worth MM item.  It's generally not all that current, since the Nomads of the Time Streams email list has been rather inactive of late, as has the appearance of The Time Centre Times newletter . . . .

The Dreamthief's Daughter

  • Black Gate magazine #1 has an excerpt from Book 1 of The Dreamthief's Daughter
  • Read the American Fantasy Press Release about their limited edition of Moorcock's newest Elric novel.

Dream.jpg copyright 2000 by Robert Gould

Other MM Stuff

Michael Moorcock Net Resources

Illustration copyright United Artists Records.

This is my listing of MM recordings, mostly with the band Hawkwind. I'm always interested in trading futher!

  • Feel free to browse through my eclectic Elric Image Gallery, which contains some work by Frank Brunner, Robert Gould, and Michael Whelan.
  • The newsgroup alt.books.moorcock has been dead for awhile now. I do plan to put its archives here eventually.  Really.

Links to Other MM Pages and Such

Be sure to check out Chaosium's web page, as they publish and support the role playing games Elric (formerly Stormbringer), Hawkmoon, and Corum. If you email Shannon Appel, he'll subscribe you to the Chaosium Digest, a weekly email publication that supports the various Chaosium products, including the various Eternal Champion games. Old editions of the 'Digest can be found at the Berkeley FTP archives, as can many other interesting tidbits... (to see the Digest archives, change directory to "archives").

My friend Norman Hood, who publishes and sells art through Chimera Publishing, offers a fair selection of Moorcock-inspired art by Robert Gould, Michael Whelan, and others, as well as many, many more artists. (Norm's page seems to be up and down a lot, so check it out later if you can't get through on the first attempt).

Mojo Press publishes the 30th anniversary edition of MM's Behold the Man, in its original novella form, in hardcover. Well-worth checking out. Rick Klaw (head editor at Mojo) is also one of the few regular-ish posters to alt.books.moorcock.

Other Moorcock/Nomad Pages

  • The Ultimate MM resource online is www.multiverse.org
  • The pages on MM at Knut's Calvert page are brilliant
  • I found Ian Davey's page Sweet Despise quite by accident 
  • Frank Weil's Golden Void page has tons of Hawkwind info, as well as stuff on MM (of course, else I'd not be mentioning it) 
  • Check out Lapis Dujure's Moorcock page for interviews and readings

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