July 30th, 2009: Another week another Greyhawk comic. Well almost. After last week's cornucopia of Greyhawk content, I have decided to take the opposite approach this week. Out of my bag of tricks I've brought back the CAPTION CONTEST! Last time I did one of these was way back in episode 54 and 76. Damn long time indeed! So here's how it works:

Below is a single panel Greyhawk comic. You think of the caption that goes with it. Read the previous contests to see what type of entries I favor. In general try to be witty and in context of fantasy, D&D or Greyhawk and you'll be fine. Your incentive? A PRIZE! Those lucky few I choose as winners will get a free drawing of any character of their chosing in my own comicy style. Here is a few of my satisfied winners for example.
You have several options in giving me your caption ideas:

Email them to me directly at bluesrule14@hotmail.com

or post them to one of my preferred forums at- Canonfire.com


Or you can just sling them at me in Greychat on most nights.

Feel free to enter as many times as you want. You have about a month to play before I'll post the winners. Now get to thinking of some funny captions! *cracks the whip*

p.s. the comic for this contest is a parody of a classic David Trampier black and white illustration from 1st edition. Just so there's no confusion, the featured deities standing in are (left to right) Rudd, Olidammara and Norebo.

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