Our Current Campaign

Premise and History 

My good and dear friend, and co-conspirator, Aaron Harris and I are working through the background to a new campaign we're preparing to run.  The game will focus for a large part on the drow; we talked a lot about them (their origins and gods, the quirky way that they are handled by the post-EGG TSR/WotC,  etc.).  We laid plans to redefine the drow to make them scary and evil and horrifying again (they want to destroy the sun), and then set to work on building out the rest of the game. 


Our game began on 6 Readying in 175 CY, more commonly known the Thirty-and-Ninth year of the reign of his August Supremacy, the Overking of Aerdy, Earhart II, High King of the Realms of Rax and Nyrond, etc., etc., etc.  

Next Session

  • 27 April, 2002, at Aaron's and Chris' Redwood City apartment
  • 30 January 2004:  this campaign ended after about six sessions over about 15 months:  schedules were never able to come together satisfactorily, so we ended the game; I'll post more details about the other sessions soon!

Session Logs

The Participants

The following folks are currently playing in The Game:



PC Notes

Allan Grohe DM-run NPCs, including:  
Tammar NPC Oeridian Rogue 1
Sanathar Kelman NPC Oeridian Fighter 1; inactive
Aaron Harris Aramil Xiloscient High Olve Bard 1
Chris Hatty Gillead Oeridian Fighter 1
Gary Holian [not created yet] PC mage 1?
Rob Kuntz [not created yet] NPC by email
Marc Tizoc Gonzalez Tarant Oeridian/Flan Fighter 1


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