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Life just wouldn't be the same without books, and perhaps more importantly, all those words written in them by some very cool people.   People whom I have grown to know, to understand, to converse and to argue with (even if they're already dead). 

This page has been so direly in need of an update that I'd blanked it out of mind.  So, please bear with me while it begins to spring into shape . . . .


  • Allan Grohe
  • John Keats
  • Li Young Lee
  • Osip Mandelstam
  • Kathleen Norris
  • Percy Shelley




Magazine and Web Zines

  • Alsirat
  • Boulevard
  • Ontario Review
  • Missouri Review
  • Seeker


  • Science Fiction links

Michael Moorock

Of course, if you managed to get this far without hitting the Michael Moorcock material, I have to remind you just once more that it's here :-)

Herman Melville

A few books before Moorcock on my shelves lieth someone I just might worship even moreso, Herman Melville (yes, that one). There's an email discussion list devoted to HM called Ishmail (ha ha, gotta love those Melvillean puns; well, not really, but...). A must for any true Melvillean is The Life and Works of Herman Melville, the alpha and omega of Melville sites. Wow. Ok, I'm done spooging now.

David Gerrold

Read David Gerrold's regular Wednesday column "Anything Can Happen." Always illuminating. Now, if we could only get him to finish writing the fifth Chtorr book (or write some season 4 episodes for Babylon 5 . . . . ).  Gerrold also maintains his own web site, at, which also contains Solomon Short quotations!   Also worth checking out is rather cool fan site is at

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

I also like H. P. Lovecraft's work, but most of my HPL links are on the games page with the Call of Cthulhu stuff. You should check out the magazine NetherReal Cyberzine (it's a dumb title but a good rag), they have a lot of HPL, Mythos, etc. material. A slightly differnt jaunt into HPL-dom is offered at R'lyeh, a somewhat odd place, but worth visiting for the non-squeamish. If you like HPL, you might also enjoy Clark Ashton Smith, a poet and prose writer from the same period (he's actually a better writer than HPL, but most HPL-ites wouldn't agree....).

George R. R. Martin

fan sites @ 



Alsirat, an online horror magazine that published some of my poems last fall and winter, is really worth checking out. The previous link takes you to the current issue, while Alsirat's main page contains old issues, links, editorials, etc.


Seeker publishes poetry as well as various nifty articles, columns, and such. The poems are often quite good, and I'm not saying that just because they published some of mine quite some time ago. The same can be said for, though they have lots of other cool stuff, too (and the poems are long gone by now).

I really need to organize this mess

While some might argue that Calvin and Hobbes are not literature, I'd happily take them on in whatever scholarly forum they care (well, maybe not deconstruction . . . . ). Good stuff abounds therein.

Science Fiction

You might also check out this Jack Vance web site. Or perhaps Robert Anton Wilson is more to your taste? Or the comic book artist Bryan Talbot, of Rork fame?

Good sources for finding web addresses of authors-- other than the obvious method of just using a search engine-- are the enormous list compiled by Post at the Ultimate SF Index, the various lists compiled at, and at the internet speculative fiction database. A solid index of rec.arts.sf.written appears at the Linkoping Sci Fi and Fantasy Archive.

For more general sci-fi concerns, neither Locus nor Omni need introductions. You might also want to check out the Sci Fi Weekly which contains good stuff. The Market List is a good resource for sf, fantasy, and horror authors. The Sci-Fi Channel's Dominion, while often cheesy, does host authors now and again. Icarus' Encyclopdie de l'Imaginaire (aka, The Icarus Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction for those of us who don't read French) also has nice stuff.

, as do Pulp Fiction Central, Women's Wire's books column, Infinity Online, Science Fiction Fandom, The Book Engine, Reviews on Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Literature, and we can't forget Internet Book Information Center. Of course, since I linked to them, I have to link to the Mythopoeic Society (though if MM found out, he'd flay me); meanwhile in the far East, blunders through The infinitum magazine, only to discover that

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