The Dog House

(The Grodog's Corner on the Sanity Market)

Here is where you can learn more about your host, The Grodog, than most sane  people would ever want to know.  You can:

Learn About the Grodog

  • read a little about Heather Grohe, the woman the Grodog has fallen for, and whom he married on May 12th, 2001
  • read my current profile, where you can learn everything from my favorite ice cream flavor to my favorite sports team to my Meyers-Briggs type (INFP in case I deleted it from the profile itself)

The Grodog's Favorite Art

  • glance through the over-burdened bookshelves that line my apartment walls; I should probably buy another one or two soon, but still maintain the vague hope that I'll actually sell off some of the things (you know, the ones not worth keeping:  Conrad, Dickens, etc.)

    (note that the bookshelf contents would certainly differ from the Grodog's interest in all things literary, just in case that wasn't clear)
  • browse through my current tunes of note:  a smattering of stuff from my music collection; some of these groups are new to me, others are one's I've not listened to in awhile
  • the Grodog doesn't have much set up yet for visual art, but will get around to it some day:
    • I check out movies as they catch my eye, so feel free to read through my opinions on the latest assaults from Hollywood upon my retinas
    • Favorite visual artists:
      • Roger Dean
      • Bob Giadrosich
      • H. R. Giger
      • Robert Gould
      • Li Zhong Liang
      • Michael Parkes
      • Rembrandt van Rijn
      • Michael Whelan

Play with the Grodog

  • the Grodog plays many games:  role-playing games, card games, board games, etc. 
  • roam the sciences with the Grodog:  I've been interested in several branches of the sciences since I was a wee lad, and have been collecting interesting links, so enjoy!
    • things astronomical and spacey (black holes, quasars, the red shift, relativity, etc.)
    • things geological (including earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)
    • on all things viral and contagious
    • hey, how's the weather?  

The Grodog Miscellany

  • browse through the Grodog's stuff wanted:  useful for sending that random gift out of the blue, as well as for Holiday Shopping, tape trading online, etc.
  • browse through the wine cellar, and ogle the collection of alcohol that I have accumulated (some of which is inherited from my old roommate)
  • last, but certainly not least, is my cornucopia of assorted Grodogiana links, with further links to such diverse and sundry interests as The Grohe Homepage, the pages of various friends and relations of mine, and other wacky sundries

I'm sure I'll add to this as time and inspiration come together.

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