The Seaflower's Grotto

Mmmmmm.  What to say?  I'm in love.  Wow!!  Heather's great, being in love with Heather is great, life's GREAT!  8-)   Heather's sitting on the left, chatting with her sister Diana):

Love of My Life [heather_image26.jpg (33187 bytes)]

Learn About the Seaflower in Images . . .

Here's a few more pictures of Heather culled from her brother Greg's web page, itself a sub-site on SK Publications, home of her parents' businesses. 

. . . and Words . . .

I thought it would be kind of cool to create a Seaflower Profile for Heather, and to fill it in as I learn more about this wonderful woman.  So, check it out 8-)

I've been writing a few poems about Heather.  Thus far they've mostly not been getting written, but I'm working on that.  (I have also written a few Door Poems:    three in her office--which aren't written about Heather per se, but simply in her presence--and one on my door.  I'm not really sure that Door Poems count, truthfully, but at least they're something . . . .  The Door Poems appear on their own page, and are not listed below).

In addition to The Grodog's words, Seaflower-permitting, I'll add some of her songs and poems and such below as well.

. . . and Us-ness

You can read all about how Heather and I met in my Embers in September and Falling in November bios.  (Once those pages grow older, I'll copy the relevant portions over to here).

Sixth Sense and American Beauty

On Love and Pez

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