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Just how many levels do we know existed in Gygax's version of Greyhawk Castle?  How about Kuntz's El Raja Key? How did Castle Greyhawk change after the two dungeons were combined into one?

Researching the development of Castle Greyhawk and El Raja Key from the original Greyhawk and Kalibruhn campaigns of Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz has sometimes been compared to studying the Khabbala, and the comparison is not unapt. 

Past and Current Publication Efforts

The history of the development of D&D and of Castle Greyhawk (which grew together hand-in-hand), has been well-chronicled in several sources, in particular articles published throughout the span of The Strategic Review, The Dragon, and Dragon Magazine.

To read up on many of the earliest sources for Castle Greyhawk means that a Greyhawk fan needs to track down and collect various obscure wargmaing magazines, fanzines, and newsletters, since that's where the earliest D&D market was, and where TSR expended it's marketing efforts.

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