Official Weather of the Pale

Months of the Year
Needfest Winter 7 days Fireseek Winter(Jan) Readying Spring (Feb) Coldeven Spring (Mar)
Growfest Low Summer 7 days Planting Low Summer (Apr) Flocktime Low Summer (May) Wealsun Low Summer (Jun)
Richfest High Summer 7 Days Reaping High Summer (Jul) Goodmonth High Summer(Aug) Harvester High Summer(Sep)
Brewfest Autumn 7 days Patchwall Autumn (Oct) Ready'reat Autumn (Nov) Sunsebb Winter (Dec)
Days of the Week
Starday - Work Sunday - Work Moonday - Work Godsday - Worship Waterday - Work Oerthday - Work Freeday - Rest

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All weather here is very accurate, however it is much milder than what I believe the Pale should be. However, due to playability concerns raised by certain members of the Pale Talk list & Triad, I used a milder climate for my research. Then of course they decided against it.