What's New at The Dreaming City in 2016-2017?

15 June 2017

Updated the Oerth Journal links on the Greyhawk Links page, as well as some work on my Games Reviews page. I've also started writing a blog---"From Kuroth's Quill"---which hosts my mega-dungeon design writings from my old Knockspell Magazine columns of the same name. I'm also writing new material for the column in the print-only newsletter, The Twisting Stair, which I write and publish with Tony Rosten.

Exapnded the scope of ideas in my Greyhawk's "Lost" Dungeon Levels page, and updated a few more bad links on the Greyhawk Links page.

25 January 2017

Added some new links to my Greyhawk Castle pages, including the 2013 GaryCon V seminar slides and recording, and fixed some more Greyhawk Links, as well as updating the D&D page with Adrian Newman's new host for the TSR Archive.

18 January 2017

Added some new links to my Greyhawk Links page.

5 January 2017

Fixed some bad links on my Greyhawk Links page and added some new ones to my Castle Greyhawk Sources page, including Rob Kuntz's recent El Raja Key Archive.

6 July 2016

Fixed some a bunch of bad links on my poetry and Migration Patterns and poetry titles pages.

23 June 2016

Created a new page for the John Eric Holmes Reading and Panel Discussion from the North Texas RPG Con #8 at the beginning of the month. The page includes the recording of the reading, and handouts provided at the reading.

8 June 2016

Fixed some more bad links on my Greyhawk Links and Black Reservoir pages.

14 April 2016

I fixed some bad links on my Castle Greyhawk Sources page.

9 April 2016

I added my draft version of the Expanded Greater Caverns map to the S4 page, and updated to the Greyhawk Links page.

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