What's New at The Dreaming City in 2016-2018?

29 June 2018

Updated the links throughout my Dog House pages, all of which were still pointing back to rpg.net (talk about old and dead links!!).

20 June 2018

Updated the links on my The 666 Layers of the Abyss page, including all of the links to my Canonfire! articles.

10 April 2018

Updated all of the Paizo forums links on my Greyhawk Links page, and several others, including links to Joe Block's Greyhawk Grognard blog (and now web site too).

05 April 2018

I couldn't find my previously-uploaded Minifigs flyer anywhere on the site, so I uploaded it again, and linked it from the Greyhawk Links page (under the Key Greyhawk Web Resources section), as well as from my main Greyhawk page.

Hard to believe that the site's coming up on 22 years old now! :D

15 June 2017

Updated the Oerth Journal links on the Greyhawk Links page, as well as some work on my Games Reviews page. I've also started writing a blog---"From Kuroth's Quill"---which hosts my mega-dungeon design writings from my old Knockspell Magazine columns of the same name. I'm also writing new material for the column in the print-only newsletter, The Twisting Stair, which I write and publish with Tony Rosten.

Exapnded the scope of ideas in my Greyhawk's "Lost" Dungeon Levels page, and updated a few more bad links on the Greyhawk Links page.

25 January 2017

Added some new links to my Greyhawk Castle pages, including the 2013 GaryCon V seminar slides and recording, and fixed some more Greyhawk Links, as well as updating the D&D page with Adrian Newman's new host for the TSR Archive.

18 January 2017

Added some new links to my Greyhawk Links page.

5 January 2017

Fixed some bad links on my Greyhawk Links page and added some new ones to my Castle Greyhawk Sources page, including Rob Kuntz's recent El Raja Key Archive.

6 July 2016

Fixed some a bunch of bad links on my poetry and Migration Patterns and poetry titles pages.

23 June 2016

Created a new page for the John Eric Holmes Reading and Panel Discussion from the North Texas RPG Con #8 at the beginning of the month. The page includes the recording of the reading, and handouts provided at the reading.

8 June 2016

Fixed some more bad links on my Greyhawk Links and Black Reservoir pages.

14 April 2016

I fixed some bad links on my Castle Greyhawk Sources page.

9 April 2016

I added my draft version of the Expanded Greater Caverns map to the S4 page, and updated to the Greyhawk Links page.

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